Ten banks and the Province of Fryslân help finance Windpark Fryslân, which is being built in the Dutch IJsselmeer south of the Afsluitdijk and six kilometers off the Frisian coast. The consortium of banks provide an amount of approx. 700 million euros. The Province is investing 100 million euros in the wind farm, which generates enough sustainable electricity to power all Frisian households.
Yesterday the finance documents have been signed in Amsterdam. The financing banks are: ABN Amro, BNG, BNP Paribas, DZ Bank, Helaba, ING, KBC, KfW IPEX, NWB and Rabobank. The construction of the wind farm totals an amount of approx. 850 million euros. Once complete, Windpark Fryslân will be the world’s largest wind farm in inland water. Financial contribution by a Province is unique in this on this scale market.

Province of Fryslân shareholder
The Province of Fryslân is not only co-financing the wind farm by providing a subordinated loan for 80 million euros, it also participates in its share capital for the amount of 20 million euros. This 15% share will allow the Province to exert its influence on the wind farm’s policies.  The Province can appoint two members of the Supervisory Board, the same number as the other shareholders. Together, these four Supervisory Board members will nominate an impartial chairman.

The Frisian Provincial Executive Sander de Rouwe regards the Province’s participation in Windpark Fryslân as both a profitable and a social investment. ‘In this way we now use resources from the sale of our shares in Energy Company NUON for sustainable energy. With our shares we can influence the wind farm’s policies. The return on our investment will be used for sustainable development and will be invested in the region that might be inconvenienced by the wind farm. We will also offer all our Frisian residents the opportunity to financially participate in the wind farm by offering bonds after its completion.’

Anne de Groot, Project Director of Windpark Fryslân, is pleased that the banks and the Province have put their trust in the project. ‘We are proud to be able to build a wind farm that contributes over 70% of the Frisian target for sustainable energy, supplies sufficient energy for all Frisian households and, as much as possible, does justice to the beautiful Frisian scenery.’

Windpark Fryslân
Windpark Fryslân is being built in the northern part of the IJsselmeer south of the Afsluitdijk near Breezanddijk. The wind farm comprises of 89 Siemens Gamesa turbines of 4.3 MW, which are placed in a cluster form. It is the largest wind farm in the world that is built in inland water.

With a capacity of 382.7 MW, Windpark Fryslân supplies energy for approx. 500,000 households. The wind farm contributes more than 70% to the Frisian target of 530.5 MW of wind energy in 2020. The first turbines of the wind farm are expected to deliver its first electricity as early as 2020. The wind farm will be fully operational in 2021.

Nature island
The construction of the wind farm also includes the construction of a nature island south of the Afsluitdijk of 2 ha above water and 25 ha under water. This island will be used as a work island during the construction of the wind farm. The island is being further developed into a bird island that adds extra quality to the resting and foraging area of ​​fish and birds.

Construction and maintenance
Near shore Windpark Fryslân is being built by Zuiderzeewind, a consortium of Van Oord and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, based on a turn key contract. The first preparatory work has already begun. In March a start was made with the installation of pipes for power cables that connect the wind turbines with the substation at Breezanddijk. After its completion Siemens will be responsible for maintenance of the wind farm for a period of 16 years.

Energy supplier Eneco, which supplies energy to two million private customers and 40,000 large-scale customers – purchases all sustainable energy from Windpark Fryslân over a period of 15 years.  In their contract, Eneco and Windpark Fryslân have agreed that large-scale users of energy in the province of Fryslân will also have the opportunity to purchase sustainable energy generated by the wind farm.

Local residents of the wind farm will soon be able to benefit directly and indirectly from the wind farm. For 20 years, Windpark Fryslân will annually deposit approx. 720,000 euros into an Environmental Fund for local projects in the municipality of Súdwest Fryslân. The fund will be managed by representatives of social organizations. The Province considers offering bonds to its residents, once the wind farm produces energy.

Project and Asset Management
Project management of Windpark Fryslân during construction and operations is provided by Ventolines, all-round service provider in the sustainable wind energy market. Ventolines provides services for wind, solar and energy storage projects at all stages: development, contracting, financing, construction and management.